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Shea Butter
Shea Butter
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Shea Butter soap has so much shea butter in it, that is how it got it's name! It is recommended for dry and fragile skin and is an excellent facial cleanser. Shea Butter soap is also a fantastic shaving soap that generates fluffy lather. In addition to the shea butter, it is loaded with Rhassoul clay which provides a lot of lubricity and "slip", to help your razor slide smoothly. There are numerous sizes and shapes of shaving mugs, so you can easily cut the bar to fit your particular mug. Take a straight edge knife (not serrated) and just push down on it cutting through the soap. Take the pieces of soap and push them into your mug. After rubbing a wet shaving brush around it several times, the soap will take the shape of the mug. After shaving, remove any excess water from the mug to extend the life of the soap.