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NoBO!â„¢ Natural Deodorant Stone
NoBO!™ All-Natural Deodorant Stone is a very effective and safe alternative to common commercial deodorants. Commercial deodorants are really antiperspirants, usually containing aluminum salts and other powerful astringents which shut down perspiration and block pores. Your body needs to perspire to regulate its temperature and remove toxins. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease and Breast Cancer. Some ingredients in commercial deodorants have been linked to hormonal imbalance.
NoBO!™ Deodorant Stones are made with natural potassium alum.
No Aluminum. No Parabens. No Pthalates. No Petroleum Stuff. No Preservatives. No Gunk!
Body odor is caused by bacteria. The salts in the NoBO!™ Deodorant Stone will kill the bacteria. No bacteria ---- No BO!
Directions: After showering, leave your arm pits slightly damp. Rub the NoBO!™ Stone on your underarms. The moisture will dissolve some of the salts in the stone. The salts will kill the bacteria. No bacteria --- No BO! If your body is dry, moisten the NoBO!™ Stone slightly, then rub it on. It also works great controlling foot odor.