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Aroma Lamp
Aroma Fragrance Lamp
Our Price: $5.50 Sale Price, Was $17.99

SALE! Regular Price $17.99, Now $5.50. Normally we sell a huge number of Aroma Fragrance Lamps at the Wis. State Fair and other events. The Fair and all our other events have been cancelled for 2020 so we are offering these lamps for just $5.50. All lamps have a 35W halogen lamp (with 2 prongs) and the intensity is adjustable. Some lamps have 3 intensity levels and are adjustable by just touching the base, others are infinitely adjustable with a dimmer switch. All come with glass dishes. Place your aroma wax melt (wax tart) on the dish and adjust the intensity level you want. Lower intensity for a slow simmer, higher intensity to release the scents faster. Works with any brand of wax melts.

They are available in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors (and clear). Sizes vary slightly depending on the model, but are approximately 5" tall. Please NOTE, when you purchase one, it will be randomly selected. Since we have a large number of different ones and our inventory is always changing, we are unable to honor requests for a specific shape, color, or design. Before shipping, we take the lamp out of the box and plug it in and test it, to verify that it is working. Comes complete with lamp, dish, and bulb --- ready to use. Replacement light bulbs are normally available at hardware stores and some drug stores. DO NOT touch bulb unless you know it is cool ---- it is VERY HOT when turned on (even at a low intensity)! When bulb eventually needs to be replaced, pull it straight up, do not twist, and the 2 prongs will come out of the base. Never leave your lamp on when unattended. Keep flammable materials away from the lamp.