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SpearHead Spade - Long
SpearHead Spade - Long
Our Price: $49.99
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The Spear Head Spade takes the strain and effort of digging off your body and joints. The long model offers more leverage than the short one, great for digging up plants with heavy root systems or digging out rocks. Also with the long model there is less bending, and it is more comfortable for digging deep. The patented angles of the blade are streamlined to slice through matted roots, oriental grass, sod, hostas, and anything that comes in its path. This tool makes digging easy. Wide foot rests take the strain off your feet. We have had loads of positive feedback about this spade, with customers telling us it is the best tool they ever used. It is super tough, made in USA. The blade is thicker than on traditional shovels. When doing transplanting, you can single out just one plant without damaging the neighboring plants. Fantastic for extracting plants with deep tap roots. When digging in rocky soil or clay, it finds the path of least resistance. When a traditional shovel hits a stone it stops ---- when the Spear Head Spade hits a stone, it works its way around it.
You a treasurer hunter? When you get a signal of something buried, you can easily explore the ground with minimal disruption of the soil.
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